• Does the Housing Tax affect the price of housing in Bogota? An analysis based on spatial econometrics

    Author Editor: Ignacio Lozano-Espitia Diana Ricciulli-Marin

    This document provides evidence on the effects of property tax on the prices of new housing in Bogotá for the period 2009-2016. Tax information and physical and location attributes of 6,013 middle and high-income residential estates located in the three localities with the highest urbanization and tax contribution (Chapinero, Suba and Usaquén) are used.

  • Ensayos sobre Política Económica

    Ensayos sobre política económica (ESPE) (Essays on Economic Policy) is a Journal that aims to publish high quality technical articles and notes on all matters of economic policy. Articles published by ESPE are noted for being interesting, original and technically correct.

  • Weekly seminar on economics

    The weekly seminar on economics of the Technical Governor’s Office of Banco de la República is a space where local and foreign researchers can present their recent work in all areas of economics and finance.

  • Know the new book of the Bank of the Republic on the twenty years of CEER

    In the framework of the twenty years of the Center for Regional Economic Studies (CEER), the Bank of the Republic presents the book Twenty years of research on regional economics, written by researchers Luis Armando Galvis and Leonardo Bonilla

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