• Motherhood and formal employment in Colombia

    Author: Romero-Prieto, Julio Enrique

    Using the Colombian Integrated Record of Contributions to Social Security, this document investigates the labor dynamics of a population of young women, who had formal jobs and were close to receive a maternity leave when it was increased from 12 to 14 weeks...

  • Asymmetric Effects of Terms of Trade Shocks on Tradable and Non-tradable Investment Rates: The Colombian Case.

    Authors: Camilo Alberto Cárdenas-Hurtado, Aaron Levi Garavito-Acosta, Jorge Hernán Toro-Córdoba

    Terms of trade (ToT) shocks drive business cycles and have direct impact on the macroeconomic equilibrium conditions in commodity-exporter countries. ToT shocks also affect the dynamics of other variables ...

  • La pobreza en Santa Marta: Los Estragos del Bien

    Autores: Adolfo Meisel-Roca, Diana Ricciulli-Marin

    En 2017, el porcentaje de personas viviendo en condición de pobreza monetaria en Santa Marta fue de 33%. Con este resultado, la ciudad se ubicó como la tercera con mayor pobreza en la región Caribe, superada solo por Riohacha y Valledupar...

  • First place in the ranking of RePEc on institutions in Colombia


    The Bank of the Republic ranks first among 75 institutions in Colombia, according to the ranking prepared by RePEc, one of the largest and most important bibliographical databases in Economics.

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