• Dynamic Connectedness and Causality between Oil prices and Exchange Rates

    Authors:Jose Eduardo Gomez-Gonzalez, Jorge Hirs-Garzon, Jorge M. Uribe

    We study connectedness and causality between oil prices and exchange rates dynamically. Using data on the WTI and exchange rate returns for six countries in which oil production is a major production activity, we show that oil prices are net receptors of spillovers from excahnge rate markets. Connectedness exhibits important time variation and presents a positive trend during our sample period.

  • Ensayos sobre Política Económica

    Ensayos sobre política económica (ESPE) (Essays on Economic Policy) is a Journal that aims to publish high quality technical articles and notes on all matters of economic policy. Articles published by ESPE are noted for being interesting, original and technically correct.

  • Effects of the central bank’s communications in Colombia. A content analysis.

    Autor:Luis E. Arango, Javier Pantoja, Carlos Velásquez

    We carry out a reading analysis that consists of two elements. First, we observe the coherence between monetary policy actions and press releases. In this case, we found that inflation and growth are significant themes in the adoption of the policy measures between September 2004 and March 2016. Moreover, when inflation and economic growth are both raising the monetary actions becomes tighter...

  • Know the new book of the Bank of the Republic on the twenty years of CEER

    In the framework of the twenty years of the Center for Regional Economic Studies (CEER), the Bank of the Republic presents the book Twenty years of research on regional economics, written by researchers Luis Armando Galvis and Leonardo Bonilla

  • DE LA CUMBIAMBA AL VALLENATO: Aproximación cultural, económica y política a la música de acordeón en el Caribe colombiano, 1870-1960

    Autor: Joaquín Viloria De La Hoz

    A partir de los datos aportados por este trabajo se propone que el acordeón llegó por primera vez a las costas del Caribe colombiano en el año 1870, por lo que el instrumento está próximo a cumplir 150 años de presencia en el folclor colombiano. En la década de 1890 se encuentran referencias de los primeros conjuntos de cumbiamba que se componían de acordeón, caja y guacharaca...

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