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Full access to the following collections: •Accounting, Finance & Economics eJournal Collection. •e-books collection in economics. *If you want an article outside the subscription, request it through the service of obtaining documents.

Access publications and economic reports produced by ANIF* 

      ° Informe Semanal / Encuesta Anif Repo-Central / Anif Leading Index (ALI) / RASEC-Reporte Anif Sector Construcción / Boletín de Comercio Exterior.

*Exclusive for Banco de la República.

Through the CAIE acceess to index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life.

Full access to the text of the e-books of the economics and finance collections (2016-2017).
Through the CAIE, see the full content of the Economic Handbooks Collections (2012).

Author and institution firms are part of the good practices of academic communication, and although there is no official way in which the information of the author and his institutional affiliation should be included in contributions to scientific journals (sometimes this depends Of the journal), it is advisable to have a series of recommendations that guide the authors when submitting their research results to a journal.

Central Banking Journal and provide comprehensive coverage, commentary and analysis for the central banking community. It offers a platform for practical perspectives on key central bank issues and for dissenting views on prevailing policy orthodoxy*.

*Limited users. Exclusive for Banco de la República.

Full access to all the collection "Discussion Papers" produced by CEPR in all available economic areas.

Online access to the 7 AEA Economic Journals, including nearly 20 years of archived magazine articles and pre-published articles* (American Economic ReviewJournal of Economic Literature, Journal Macroeconomic, Journal Microeconomic, Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Economic Policy, Journal of Economic Perspectives).

*If you want an article outside the subscription, request it through the service of obtaining documents.

Full text access to the following collections*:

  • Journals collections: business and economics and 17 specific economic titles (Palgrave).

  • e-book Collections: business and economics 2008, 2012, 2014-2015 (Springer); mathematics and statistics 2011-2013 (Springer); economic and finance 1999-2015 (Palgrave).