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Collaboration Networks

The CAIE has established agreements with other institutions whose purpose is for Bank managers, researchers and other staff to have access to other collections, taking into account the loan policies established by each institution, as a complement to the growing bibliographic offer

In addition, we have the services of:

  • Letters of Presentation: so that the students of other academic institutions interested in consulting economics subjects in our library can do it
  • External Interlibrary Loan: which makes it possible to loan materials to other libraries

The agreements currently in force are:

     Universidad de los Andes
     Universidad del Rosario
     Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
     Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
     Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia
     Contraloría General de la República
     Fundación Universitaria Juan N Corpas
     Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
     Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Guide to Establish an agreement with the Research Support Center - Banrep