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Access monthly information from the following Country Reports*:

  • Honduras / Costa Rica / Panamá / Guatemala / Nicaragua / El Salvador

*Exclusive for Banco de la República.

Acceda a la información mensual de los siguientes Country Reports*:

  • Honduras / Costa Rica / Panamá / Guatemala / Nicaragua / El Salvador

*Exclusivo Banco de la República.

Their journalists’ bold and authoritative reporting goes beyond the newsroom and delivers objective journalism you can trust. Get the unrivaled insight, analysis and commentary you need, only from America's most trusted newspaper*.

*Limited users. Exclusive for Banco de la República.

Accesd to The Economist's vision of the world, style and philosophy are different from other publications. International publication who stress the links between politics and business in an irreverent and independent way. If it matters in the world, The Economist covers it - and covers it well*.

*Limited users. Exclusive for Banco de la República

Receive in your mail analysis information on global macroeconomic and financial behavior. Sovereign offers financial services designed to implement a wide range of investment objectives*.

*Exclusive for Banco de la República.

Access 24 journals titles of the highest quality in economic and financial matters*.

*Subscription to the current year and 15 in retrospect. If you want an article before the subscription, request it through the service of obtaining documents.

Access the full content of 143 economics titles from the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform.

Access the full text of the classical and fundamental reference works for economists. It includes almost two million articles written by the most influential economists of the world.

Acceda a la visión de The Economist sobre el mundo, el estilo y la filosofía única que lo diferencia de otras revistas. Publicaciones internacional que destaca los vínculos entre política y negocios, de manera irreverente e independiente. Si importa en el mundo, ellos lo cubren y lo cubren bien*.

*Usuarios limitados. Exclusivo Banco de la República.