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Strategic Information Monitoring


To lead, support and centralize activities of systematic search, organization, analysis and dissemination of internal and environmental economic information, which feed academic and scientific production, as well as support decision making in the Issuer, making use of the tools and Collections available in the CAIE.

Portafolio de servicios

Obtaining documents

Thanks to the cooperation of the national and international agreements with the CAIE, we facilitate the localization of documents necessary for the optimal development of the Bank's research projects

Elaboration specialized bibliography

We collect and organize our electronic and physical bibliographic records to the measure, constructing reports of quality and pertinence for the different lines of investigation of the Bank of the Republic

Monitoring of information

We support the planning of academic and research activities of the CREEs, Groups and the Research Unit of the Bank with the regular provision of academic, scientific and conjunctural information, producing dissemination bulletins and other bibliographic and research visibility tools.

Training Workshops

Maximize the use of CAIE's electronic resources in a focused and targeted manner, to make your searches more effective, minimizing the time of your research work in the Issuer.