Grupo de Análisis del Mercado Laboral (GAMLA)

The Labour Market Analysis Group (GAMLA) was created in 2015 with the initiative of Dr. Jose Dario Uribe (General Manager 2004-2016) and Dr. Hernando Vargas (Technical manager), in order to fulfill two tasks: be a source of up to date information on the Colombian labour market and conduct high quality research on labor market developments in Colombia.  In line with the first objective the group provides the Board of Directors with up to date monthly and trimestral reports on the current situation in the labour market. It also publishes a quarterly report on different aspects of the Colombian labour market (RML). In other words, the group serves as a source of processed information on the domestic labor market for the Board of Directors as well as other units within the Central Bank of Colombia and beyond. In order to accomplish the second objective GAMLA conducts high quality research on labor economics and the labor market developments in Colombia in general. Currently the groups leads a research agenda of innovative labour market topics that are pertinent to the Central Bank such as: The fluidity of the labour market, the structural unemployment rate, the impact of payroll taxes, the unemployment rate forecast and the different indicators of the labour market.

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