Seminario de Microeconomía Aplicada - Misallocated Talent? Teen Pregnancy, Education and Job Sorting


Título: Misallocated Talent? Teen Pregnancy, Education and Job Sorting

Resumen: Policy makers often argue that early motherhood limits women employment opportunities creating a misallocation of talent due to job sorting. Using a unique database from Colombia, that allows us to instrument for early motherhood with age at menarche, we find that teen pregnancy reduces school attainment. However, when considering many indicators of labor supply, while accounting for multiple hypothesis testing, we find only a very small impact (if any) of teen motherhood on labor supply. We discuss the role that family network and co-residence play as mechanisms buffering the effects of early motherhood on labor supply.

Acerca del presentador: Jorge Agüero is Associate Professor of Economics and El Instituto, University of Connecticut. He is also co-Founder of the Health Economics Lab (U of Connecticut) and Editor of Review of Economics of the Household (June 2021-). He holds a PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics from University of Wisconsin, Madison, a M.A. in economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and B.A. in economics from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. His research interests are in Development Economics, Education, Health, Public Policy, Applied Microeconomics.

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Jorge Agüero - Associate Professor of Economics and El Instituto, University of Connecticut
Seminario virtual organizado por Cali y Medellin
Fecha y hora:
Viernes, 19 de Agosto 2022 - 1:30 pm