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Intra-household labour supply after an unemployment event : the added worker effect

Miércoles, 1 Junio 2016

In this paper we explore one of the oldest labour market phenomena documented in the literature: the added worker effect, which refers to the labour supply response of secondary workers to main earners' job losses. To do so we take advantage of the panel



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Eliana Rocío González-Molano, Ramón Eduardo Hernández-Ortega, Edgar Caicedo-García, Nicolás Martínez-Cortés, José Vicente Romero-Chamorro, Anderson Grajales
Knight Brian, Knight Brian, Ana María Tribín-Uribe
Leonardo Bonilla-Mejía, Leonardo Fabio Morales-Zurita, Didier Hermida Giraldo, Luz Adriana Flórez