Center for Economic Research Support (CAIE)

It is a dependency attached to the Economic Studies Sub-Management of the Banco de la República which, under its mission and in accordance with the strategic guideline of contributing to the generation of knowledge, supports the production of information and the development of economic research and that supports decision-making, accountability, and public outreach. For the development of its functions, the CAIE has a library specialized in economic sciences and a portfolio of face-to-face, electronic and specialized services designed to meet the needs of users.

These services are available to researchers, Bank collaborators and institutions that have a valid agreement.



CAIE in numbers
Bibliographic Material in Rooms 3.100
Databases 20
Conventions 14
Analysis and impact 5
Reference Managers 2
Recent acquisitions
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Angélica Bahos
Carlos Muñoz
Gloria Avellaneda
Humbert Garrido
Susan Blanco
Margaret Guerrero