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Specialized Library


We offer high quality information services and provide all the necessary library services to support the research process in the Bank of the Republic directed to Officers, Researchers, Officials of the Bank of the Republic and institutions with current agreement. The Library has a bibliographical collection of more than 2500 titles of books and 700 titles of magazines, in addition it counts on more than 300,000 electronic bibliographic registries specialized in Economy.

Portafolio de servicios

User Orientation

The Research Support Center offers training to strengthen informational skills for the use and good management of information resources.To request this service please fill out the form.

Consultation of bibliographic material

The bibliographic collection of the CAIE can be accessed for consultation in different ways:

Electronic consultation: It allows the online consultation of more than 300,000 digital bibliographic resources, from the main search portal or from each of the database. Officials will be able to download content by validating the user and institutional key.

Link to databases in resources

Consultation in the classroom: Our collection is open and consists of more than 10,000 titles with emphasis on economics, administration and statistics among other subjects, Technical Management officials can take these titles to your home for 8 days.

Consultation of Persons Outside the Bank: In order to allow the access of external personnel to the CAIE, it is necessary that the institution from which they come have a current agreement with the CAIE and present the corresponding authorization (cover letter)

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Borrow Direct

Room Loans: We have three (3) rooms for group work with capacity for 15, 8 and 4 people; Like seven (7) workstations.

Bookings of bibliographic material: In the case that you require a bibliographic material that is loaned by another user, this service allows you to reserve it for you to consult once it is returned to the library.

Renewal of loan: We extend for eight (8) days the delivery dates of the bibliographic material that has in loan.

Interlibrary loan

We facilitate the consultation and loan for eight (8) working days of bibliographic material that is not available in the CAIE and if in any of the nine (9) agreements with which we have.

In addition, we have the services of:

  • Letters of Presentation: so that the students of other academic institutions interested in consulting economics subjects in our library can do it
  • External Interlibrary Loan: which makes it possible to loan materials to other libraries

We have an agreement with the following institutions

     Universidad de los Andes
     Universidad del Rosario
     Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
     Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
     Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia
     Contraloría General de la República
     Fundación Universitaria Juan N Corpas
     Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
     Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Evaluación y adquisición de material bibliográfico

We constantly improve the supply of bibliographic materials of the library with the incorporation of the bibliographic suggestions made by the bank officials.

To make a bibliographic suggestion please fill out the form.