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Colombian and South American Immigrants in the United States of America: Education Levels, Job Qualifications and the Decision to Go Back Home

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

This document provides evidence to show that Colombia is a net exporter of 5% of its population with a university or post-graduate degree, while Argentina, Brazil and Chile are net importers of people with a similar level of education. We find that those



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Leonardo Bonilla-Mejía, Leonardo Fabio Morales-Zurita, Didier Hermida Giraldo, Luz Adriana Flórez
Luis Armando Galvis-Aponte, Wendy Galvis-Larios, Lucas Wilfried Hahn-De Castro
Jaime Alfredo Bonet-Moron, Gerson Javier Pérez-Valbuena
Carlos Eduardo León-Rincón, Javier Iván Miguélez-Márquez
Diana Ricciulli-Marin, Jaime Alfredo Bonet-Moron, Gerson Javier Pérez-Valbuena, Eduardo A. Haddad, Inácio F. Araújo, Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli