Center for Studies on Production and Sectoral Trade (CEPCO)

Center for Studies on Production and Sectoral Trade (CEPCO)
At the Center for Studies on Sectoral Production and Trade (CEPCO), located in the Cali branch of Banco de la República, we seek to study with the highest technical rigor the functioning of the different sectors of the Colombian economy. We use the tools of applied microeconomics to study everything from agricultural production in rural areas of the country and industrial production in the main cities, to the insertion of national products in global value chains. CEPCO emerged in 2021 from the merger between the Center for Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources of the Bucaramanga branch and the Center for Studies on Industrial and International Economics of the Cali branch. We have a large group of researchers with doctoral training and professionals specialized in agricultural economics, industrial organization and development economics. We also work with external researchers with professional recognition in our fields of study. Our research is published in periodic reports circulated internally by the Bank and in publicly accessible academic papers.

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